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About Dedication Sunday!

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who participated in our dedication service on Sunday, December 10th, during our worship. It was indeed a wonderful time of prayer and reflection, enriched by the presence and contributions of each one of you. Your positive feedback is encouraging, we promise to make it better and improve the flow of it. 


This event marked a new chapter for us, and we are excited about the prospect of making it a cherished tradition in our church community. Remember that participating in this opportunity serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it greatly benefits the leadership of our church by providing insight into how you plan to contribute (in three major areas of life: Time, Talent, and Treasure) to our fellowship, mission, and outreach efforts in the coming year. Your valuable input will help us better serve our community and fulfill God's calling for our congregation.


Secondly, by sharing your thoughts on your time, talents, and financial support, you are also responding to what you believe God is calling you to do. It could be the initiation of a new project, the continuation of your support for an ongoing ministry, or perhaps even an entirely new initiative. This is your chance to align your aspirations with God's purpose for our church, shaping the future of our congregation in a way that honors our shared faith and values.


For those who couldn't join us and wish to complete it, or if you wish to simply read the prayer and the prompts that were read during worship, remember that you can visit the homepage of our website or click this link where you can participate by completing the dedication in the comfort of where you are. 

If you didnt have the opportunity to do, and you arent confortable completing the digital format, know that there will be additional copies at the office or avaiable on Sunday morning!


We understand that your giving of “Time, Talents, and Treasure” may vary, guided by the Spirit of the Living God and personal life circumstances. Know that your time and talent information will be openly shared with the leadership of the Church. However, any financial information you provide will remain confidential within the Church's Financial Office. Only the total sum of all contributions will be shared with the Session and Finance Team for stewardship purposes.


Again, thank you for your support and involvement. It's your participation and enthusiasm that make events like this so special and meaningful.  

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