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Access — God’s Great Gift — Go for it!!

This week Pastor Mario explained the great gift of the Cross and the sacrifice of Jesus. The Bible tells us that the curtain in the Temple was “torn” in two when Jesus gave his life for us. Then, we ALL became eligible to have personal “access” to God, without blemish and sin. What an abundant gift.

The story is told in Hebrews 10:19-25. This gift, given by God, is multiplied over time. It is His promise we can trust. We are all invited to place our burdens with God and trust in Him to keep his promises.

What a wonderful message Pastor Mario related to us this last Sunday, and it follows right along with our campaign theme, “GO FOR IT!”

The Apostle Paul wrote his love letter to the Hebrews. Paul enjoins us to encourage each-other to be active and to perform good deeds. We are to continue Jesus’ mission in the world, not by ourselves going it alone, but together in the Body of Christ, our church.

We have been asked to join together here in First Presbyterian Church Eustis to proclaim the Gospel, and make it possible to carry out the ministries and outreach programs God intends for us. We show Jesus, because we know Jesus! Collectively we all work together.

So, it is important that we pick up an intention card, and let our leaders know what we plan to do in 2022. Our leaders need our collective input to make sound plans for the future.

Select a way by mail, our website or just place the card in the boxes or worship service collections. Our collective intentions will help our leaders as they plan our future.

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