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Are You Letting The Holidays Follow You Home?

Did over-use of your credit card on Christmas extend your Holidays into this new year? Did your trip to visit friends and relatives come home with you? Did you charge dining out and now have indigestion? This course is for you.

The Financial Peace University nine-week class will start Thursday, January 12th in the Gathering Place at 6:30 PM. Register now at this website, or just show up, and we’ll help you register! Visit to join my class!

Child care will be provided and because of our generous congregation, two scholarships are available. The fee for the FPU class is $79.99; it is a lifetime investment. The fee is for an individual or a couple. Registration not only includes class participation but access online to a wealth of information. If you need to manage your money better then this course is for you. If your friend or family member could benefit from being better able to control their spending, then consider offering them a gift of a lifetime in money management.

The course will be coordinated by Dalton Yancey, a graduate of the program several years ago and a member of First Presbyterian Church Eustis. It will be an in-person course with video lessons. You may contact Dalton Yancey at 352-369-5679, his cell phone or by email at

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