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Lesson # 1 Change Your World

"We Can't Wait For Change" is the title of our lesson for this Sunday, and our scripture is Galatians 6: 1-10. You should be familiar with the overall message of Galatians... a short yet impactful book. Pastor Daniel, our guest pastor who has been preaching for the last couple of Sundays, based his sermons on Galatians 3: 23-29 and Galatians 5: 1, 13-25, and Pastor Mario will use that momentum to lunch the Church into an all-out book study.

This summer, we plan to take some practical suggestions, leadership analysis, and forward-thinking ideas from Rob Hoskins and John C. Maxwell's book "Change your World, 2021, and compare them with well-known life-giving Scriptures. The sermons or lessons will be scripture-based; however, some challenges and activities will come from elements of the book. So, we invite you to explore the Bible and read the book with us! We are taking what we can from worldly wisdom, comparing it, testing it, and improving it with Holy Spirit-filled wisdom.

Our first chapter will encourage us to consider the following question... Are you ok with the world as it is? If you are NOT ok with the world as is it, then this Sunday's Lesson is written for you for the Glory of God.

I recommend that you read the first chapter of the book, and also read Galatians 6: 1-10. When you read them you will see that both are encouraging us to recognize our personal responsibility and the necessity of helping others. In Chapter 1 you will read the story of Missy, a volunteer at a school who was asked to share ger apple and discovered hungry people. Also, you will read about Bryan, who took his childhood trauma and pain and used it to build a safe place for sexually abused children so that they could live with hope, dignity, and unconditional love and then you will also hear about Ethan, a third-grader who is challenging us to ask ourselves... "Do you ever feel deep down here that you want to help make a difference? -- You will also hear about Charlee, Rene Yomila, Sam, Roy and even a soccer club from Paraguay.

With the help of Galatians Galatians 6: 1-10 we will talk about our personal responsibility to help others when they have been overtaken by sin. In addition, we will see how we are to bear each other's burdens and bear our own load and how we can begin to change the world by first paying attention to our own world by doing good to others in the household of faith. I pray that you decide to join us this weekend because there are opportunities that could use our help everywhere.

* Maxwell's books can be purchased anywhere where books are sold or you have the option to stop by the office and purchase a hardcover copy for $15

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