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Lesson #2 Change Your World

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

5th Sunday after Pentecost - July 10th, 2022

"Become a Catalyst for Change" Read Genesis 45: 1-8

Let us remember who is Joseph: He is an important figure in the Bible's Book of Genesis. He was the first of the two sons of Jacob and Rachel (Jacob's twelfth child and eleventh son). His story functions as an explanation for Israel's residence in Egypt. He is the favorite son of the patriarch Jacob, and his jealous brothers sell him into slavery in Egypt. While in Egypt Joseph eventually became steward to Potiphar, one of the Pharaoh's officials. Potiphar's wife tried unsuccessfully to seduce him and after false accusations, he was imprisoned. Due to his ability to interpret Pharaoh's dream, he was made governor of Egypt where he wisely rationed the country's produce in preparation for a time of famine.

In Chapter #2 of CYW (Change your World) -- We often think of "changing the world" as something big that takes big plans, large teams, and huge resources. We overestimate the importance of big events and underestimate the value of small actions taken to help others.

Our lesson for this weekend will be centered NOT on how Joseph's big steps led him to power, and eventually become the governor of all of Egypt but on the small steps that Joseph took to recognize the faithfulness and presence of God. Additionally, you will see the importance of growing together in spirit and in truth. How Joseph was a "catalyst of change" not only because of what he did for the people of Egypt but what he did with his brothers and the rest of the family. Or, in other words... Joseph's small steps allowed his family's famine to end.

Joseph is an excellent example of how to become a catalyst for change. He took small steps forward that seemed insignificant at the time—without fanfare, recognition, or reward—and allowed one step to lead to the next, ultimately leading to significant change.

Many things in life just happen, but positive change isn’t one of them. Changing anything in our world requires someone to be the ‘catalyst’.

When it comes to changing our world, the first person transformed is the catalyst—the agent of change—and then it expands. That doesn't happen unless it starts within an individual. God wanted Jacob's family to change and be humble and safe, and he began with Joseph.

Read Chapter #2 of the book "Change Your World" (Page #31) and familiarise yourself with the 5 points below:

#1 Change from good intentions to good actions

We tend to want others to judge us on our intentions. But what ultimately matters isn't what we intend to do. It's what we actually do. How do we miss this? We rarely tell ourselves, "I'm never going to do this good thing." Instead, we tell ourselves, "I'm going to do this tomorrow." But when tomorrow comes, we don't follow through. Maybe we mean to, but we don't.

That’s why the biggest gap between failure and success is the distance between "I should" and "I did."

#2 Become a possibilist

We need to both do something to change the world and see positive things happening in the world. When you think like a possibilist, you are actively looking for the possibilities in the world. Are you a possibilist? If your answer to these questions is yes, then you are.

· Do I think progress is possible but not easy?

· Do I see things as they are but not get discouraged?

· Am I unwilling to look away from problems that move me?

· Am I willing to do what I can to make my world a better place?

#3 Take ownership

If the dream you intend to pursue isn't yours, you won't own it. And if you don't own it, you won't do what it takes to achieve it. Your dream becomes your dream when you recognize the contribution you can make. The same is true for becoming a catalyst for change. Only if you own it will you be able to fulfill it.

#4 Use your past success as fuel rather than the goal

Whatever changes you have fought for and won in the past should inspire you to believe you can change again in the future. And those changes—even incremental internal changes—will help you to make changes in your world.

#5 Invite others to join the cause

When you become a catalyst for change, one of the most significant things you can do is invite others to join you in the cause. As soon as another person works with you and is influenced by what you're doing, your efforts and success will change the world.

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