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No Doubt About It

Last Sunday was Easter and the start of a new sermon series: The Story of Easter. The story of Easter doesn't stop after Easter. The story and the power of the Resurrection and Jesus' ministry continue to impact us today, over 2000 years later. In week two of this series, we find ourselves in Luke 20:19-31, still on Easter morning and then one week later. A lot can happen in a week. The Disciples are in a room behind locked doors. The disciples are scared, Thomas doubts, and Jesus brings peace. Doubt, confession, and a promise will connect us to Thomas and ultimately, to Jesus.

What does one week after the celebration of Easter look like for us? Is your life any different? Do you believe in the promises of the resurrection?

Jesus offers us peace that washes over all of our questions, our doubts, and our fears.

He breaks through closed and locked doors to meet us where we are. Just like the disciples, Jesus is commissioning us to go out into this world and make disciples. To tell people that there is forgiveness of sins through Jesus Christ. Jesus knew exactly what his disciples needed, and he knows exactly what we need as well.

Special Guest Preaching

Elizabeth "Liz" Smith

on April 11th 2021

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