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As we journey through life, we often find ourselves longing for smooth seas and sunny days. We wish for a world devoid of storms, clouds, sorrows, and losses. Yet, the reality is far from our desires. Life throws us unexpected challenges, and without warning, we may face devastating circumstances—loss of loved ones, security, home, health, and more. We understand these realities all too well, both in our lives and through the stories recorded in scripture.

Living in a world where change can happen in an instant can leave us feeling disappointed, discouraged, and distressed. One moment, everything may seem stable, and the next, our world can be turned upside down by a single event. But amidst this uncertainty, there is one constant: God has not forgotten YOU.

We invite you to join us starting on Sunday, April 14th, for a five-week sermon series during the Season of Easter. Easter is not just a day; it is a season of abundant life—a reminder that God's love and presence are with us always, even in the darkest of times. As resurrection people, we affirm that God has not forgotten about us.

Throughout this series, we will explore how God is with us in every aspect of our lives. Whether we're feeling anxious, experiencing family struggles, loneliness, health challenges, or shattered dreams, God is present. We will delve into how we can hold onto faith and hope, even when it feels like we've been forgotten.

Each week, we will reflect on different aspects of God's unwavering presence in our lives:

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Theme: Family Hurts - Finding healing and restoration within our families.

Scripture for Reflection: Luke 7:11-17

Sunday, April 28, 2024

Theme: Loneliness - Experiencing God's companionship in our solitude.

Scripture for Reflection: Ruth 1:14-22

Sunday, May 8, 2024

Theme: Health Challenges - Finding strength and comfort in times of illness.

Scripture for Reflection: Luke 7:1-10

Sunday, May 12, 2024

Theme: Shattered Dreams - New beginnings when our dreams die. 

Scripture for Reflection: Daniel 1: 1-9

We believe that by exploring these themes together, we can find renewed hope and assurance in God's unfailing love for us. Even when we feel forgotten by the world, we can trust that God remembers us and walks alongside us through every trial and triumph.

So, mark your calendars and invite your friends and family to join us on this journey of rediscovering God's presence in our lives. Together, let's celebrate the assurance that God has not forgotten about us and that we are truly resurrection people, living in the promise of abundant life. We look forward to sharing this wonderful revelation with you and your loved ones. See you on April 14th!

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