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You’ve Goat To Find Out!!

Heifer International began when an Indiana farmer handed out cups of milk to hungry children in war-torn Europe. He began to think – not a cup, but a cow! And now, 78 years later, Heifer is still striving to end hunger, one family at a time. They do this by using a variety of animals that provide families with food – think eggs and milk. A family who receives an animal and training in its care earns this animal by passing on an offspring of their animal. This “passing on the gift” is unique to Heifer. It not only helps another family but also gives dignity to the original owner. The recipient's family does the same, so the gift truly keeps giving.

Enough history. Now for a test, class. Which animal do you think discovered the special buzz from coffee beans? Legend has it that while out in the fields, a farmer noticed his herd frolicking energetically after nibbling on berries from certain plants. What animal could this possibly have been? You’ve goat to find out!! Our four-legged friend produces a gallon of milk daily, which is used to make cheese and yogurt. Any guesses??

You can help continue this life-giving project by “purchasing” the animal above or an animal of your choice as a Christmas gift to a loved one. You’ll receive a Christmas card complete with a postcard picture of your animal. Stop by our tables in the Fellowship Hall's Foyer or the Gathering Place (Near Sanctuary) on December 4th and 11th. We’re a little too old to frolic, but we will smile and answer any questions.

Questions? Please contact Roger Paul at

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