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5th Friday CSK Update

Center Street Kitcken CSK is a ministry of First Presbyterian Church. Click Here

We know that the fifth Friday happens just a handful of times a year, and we are delighted to say that we have an ongoing partnership with GFWC Mount Dora Woman's Club for every fifth Friday moving forward. What to know more about them

They are devoted to community service in the Central Lake County area. Their members are active and involved at the Bay Street and Ice House Theatre, the W.T.Bland Library, Cornerstone Hospice, Mount Dora Senior Center activities, Guardian Ad Litem services, local Food Pantries, and homeless shelters, to name just a few. Together they organize events to raise funds for donations to local charities. Each member has an individual passion (and sometimes several).

On Friday, March 31st, they served 200 meals, and whatever was left of the cornbread and green beans was taken to the Men's halfway house in town. Leftover cookies went to the youth group and FPCEustis Contemporary Worship on Sunday.

Pastor Mario and MJ from our congregation were liaisons and extra hands. However, they weren't around at the time of the picture, there were working on the grounds with Mel Bolivar and Jeanne Thomas. President Suzanne Gibson is behind the camera.

In our church, we wish to encourage more teamwork. And so we are always looking for teams or groups within and outside the church who want to impact our community positively. Suppose you have an idea, project, or a group looking for an opportunity to serve. Please contact to begin such a life-giving process.

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